NEWS / EXHIBITION - 2021.10.15



CAMP and Good Morning Orwell 2021
live satellite TV transmission organised by Nam June Paik and friends, Jan 1, 1984. Courtesy of CAMP and Nam June Paik Art Center

チュラヤーンノン・シリポール Give Us a Little More Time 2020
4-channel animation video, sound, color, 12 min. Courtesy of the artist and BANGKOK CITYCITY

ジュヌビエーブ・チュア Seconds Accumulating on a Hundred Years 2017
acrylic on linen, 230 x 550 cm. Courtesy of the artist and STPI Gallery

ジョイス・ホー DOTS 2021
single-channel video, 50min. Collection of the artist. Courtesy of the artist

毛利悠子 Three SOLOs 2021
Midi-piano, monitor, speaker, microphone, computer, audio-interface, cable, sodium lamp, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Project Fulfill Art Space and Mother’s Tankstation Ltd

磯村暖×海野林太郎 Agitators’ Dreams or Floating Signages 2021
Mix-media, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artists. (Supported by the 2021 Asian Art Biennial)

平田実 Itoi Kanji walking at the end of Memorial Parade for Yui Chūnoshin 1967
Gelatin silver print, 25.7×32.1 cm. Collection of HM Archive. Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery Photography_Film

マーク・サルヴァトス Human Conditioned 2017-
4-channel projection, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the Salvage Projects

マティ・ドゥ The Long Walk(スチール) 2019
video, 116 min. Courtesy of the artist

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